Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steamed Scallops - After

Steamed Scallops
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When ER and I were heading to Hong Lim Park, the sundry shop we walked past attracted me. At 1st we were looking at other dried shell fish that can be used in soups, but, when another shop assistant spoke to me while I was looking at dried scallops from China and Japan, I was interested in the baby ones. They appeared so fresh and inviting, so I bought some, which is really affordable, just a fraction of the cost of the Japanese varieties. Another plus point is that they are less fishy and salty now.

The above dish is adopted from my mother’s steamed white baits, a dish I have not eaten for years because those little whole fish is high in cholesterol. Today, I had used dried scallops from Qingdao that were so fresh and not so dehydrated and of the right tenderness, so I did not soak them before steaming. If the variety you have is dried and hard then it is good to soften them by soaking in hot water before cooking. If you do this step, don’t throw away the stock, reserve it for other uses. This dish is so appetizing and really great with plain rice or plain porridge~

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